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3 big takeaways from the Chase for Business Make Your Move Summit

Our Co-Founder, Daniel Quentin Zuber, had the opportunity to lead workshops on social media for small business owners attending the biggest event ever held by the Chase for Business group from JPMorgan. Here are three pieces of advice that attendees found the most useful:

You don’t need to be everywhere all the time

Many business owners are overwhelmed by social media. So many platforms and formats, each with different requirements. And when human beings are presented with too many choices, they tend to make none. So rather than avoiding social media altogether, or having a light presence in many places, it’s best to pick just one platform where you can win. Choose the one where your audience already is. If you’re not sure, see where your competitors are getting the most traction. Then set your goal to share content at least twice a week. Unless your business is being an influencer, or involves selling products strictly through social, you don’t need to drive yourself crazy trying to post everyday.

The creator community isn’t just for big businesses

A lot of small business owners already know about the power of partnering with a creator who has an established audience. But many feel this is something beyond their reach, concerned about some of the crazy amounts brands are paying to top influencers. Fortunately, there are a lot of creators out there with significant audiences who you can activate for as little as $200-$1,000 a post. Signing up to TikTok Creator Marketplace is a great way to see your options. Hint: Most of the creators there are also active on Instagram.

Pre-game your events for social

Few things draw more engagement on social than physical world events. Whether you’re attending a conference or having an in-store event, make sure you have people in place to capture content for social. Don’t rely on employees who are doing other things. The price you pay to hire a videographer will pay huge dividends on social media. Also, consider live streaming any special moments like performances, presentations, contests, etc.

At 2113 Labs, we love small businesses, so being part of this event was truly an honor. If you’d like to talk about your business, feel free to reach out to us.

Daniel Quentin Zuber

Co-Founder of 2113 Labs and influencer in trance music, cyberpunk, and vaporwave culture on Instagram and TikTok @therealquentinZ.

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