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We acid test four popular social media tips

We’ve all seen creators talking about getting epic engagement and new followers just by making a small change to what they’re doing. But how many of these ideas really work? We used our own creator accounts to put them to the test. Here’s what we found out:

Tip: Using all Instagram formats (single image posts, reels, stories, carousels) over the course of a week gives your content priority in the algorithm.

Result: Of all the tips we tried, this one made the biggest improvement in follows and likes. Makes sense considering Meta has a history of introducing new formats and rewarding accounts who use them.

Tip: Commenting on other people’s TikToks improves views/likes of yours.

Result: We noticed no difference after doing this. The theory is that if a creator likes or responds to your comment, your videos will appear in their FYP. However, that won’t really happen unless they actually view your content. Sure, commenting on someone else’s post increases the chance they’ll visit your profile and check out your videos - but doesn’t guarantee it.

Tip: Writing longer captions on Instagram with trending words and phrases improves post performance.

Results: No effect here. There’s some talk that hashtags are going away and the algorithm is using AI to serve up relevant content based on the context of the caption. But Instagram is a visual-based platform. It wouldn’t make sense to prioritize posts based on text.

Tip: Turning off the “share to feed” option for Instagram reels will attract new followers.

Result: We found less engagement by doing this. The thought behind this tip is that if a reel isn’t shared to your followers it’s more likely that impressions will be delivered to new audiences. But Instagram prioritizes accounts that engage their current followers. Ignoring them is usually not a road to success.

Bottom line: Rather than trying to game the algorithms, focus on being consistently present on the platforms and delivering relevant content to your followers.

Daniel Quentin Zuber

Co-Founder of 2113 Labs and influencer in trance music, cyberpunk, and vaporwave culture on Instagram and TikTok @therealquentinZ.

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